Mending Marriage Through Counselling

Is your family relationship going through a crisis or do you have issues due to lack of proper communication?

It’s normal for spouses in a marriage to have disagreements and feel detached from each other. In such situations, separation is not the only answer. Our Family counselling can assist you to rekindle the spark in your marriage by identifying underlying problems.

Consolace, provides specialized counselling for couples and help them overcome the unhealthy anxieties in life. During family counselling services, we have separate and group sessions to sort out the problems and help couples connect successfully.

When do Couples seek family counselling ?

  • When there’s a breakdown in proper communication
  • When disagreements turn into frequent fighting
  • When one is jealous, doubt the other, or there is lack of trust

When frequent fights occur between spouses, it affects the peace in your home that affects your children. In such cases, there’s a need to bring back the strength of bond in marriage.

Our Family Counselling helps you to rebuild your family life :

  1. Express your doubts and resentments openly
  2. Develop deeper understanding of your spouse
  3. Learn to cast out unresolved issues through dialogues

Seek Early Help and Save Your Marriage

It’s never too late to mend a beautiful marriage. At Consolace, we have helped numerous couples rekindle the joy of marriage.

Talk to us today and find ideal solutions to bring back the joy of your family life

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